Navigating Life's Roadways


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Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey


It’s a book!  Now in print and eBook formats.

Thanks for stopping by to explore this thing that has consumed and comforted me for more than a year now (like a baby). I am sure you will find reading my penned pages to be an incredible experience mixed with emotions and enligtenment. I’ve been told that’s what giving birth is like!

I’ve discovered that all of our journeys, paths and roads have similar portions to them for which many can relate in some way. Because our lives are not straight or solo destinations, we embark on sometimes chosen or other times unforeseen adventures, each giving us a story to tell. Usually we have lots of these stories, coming from our relationships, family, fun, health or career destinations. The poignant narratives that I’ve laid out in this book will surely feed your spirit. By the way, I do mention food a lot, after all navigators have to eat and rest.

Through the numerous winding roads of my journeys from the woods of Waverly Virginia to the historic halls of the College of William and Mary, then on to Fort Benning Georgia for army officer training, stints in corporate America and now entrepreneurship, you will learn, laugh or cry with me as you engage the ups and downs of my life’s odyssey.

So read, take a break, reflect and then read some more.

My life map of setbacks and going forward have taught me much. I hope to share these insights in a meaningful way with you, that will inspire and why not inform too.

These writings of my life are grounded by my faith in God, an ever present strength and guide. I owe all to Him!

Join me in Navigating Life’s Roadways.

Buckle up and ride along!

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Godspeed to you!


Deborah L. Parker