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Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey


Sedona Arizona, one of my favorite places is also featured on the book cover


At the “Door of No Return” Goree Island Senegal

Deborah loves to travel, and combine her tours with historical significance at times.  One of her most meaningful trips was to Senegal West Africa in 1996. There she visited Goree Island, off of the coast of the capital city of Dakar,which served as anchor for slave ships.  In the picture below she is standing near the Door of No Return at Goree Island, where slaves where held until being shipped to America. She shares a few stories in her book about the experience.   Hear Deborah talk about that journey. Click  Africa


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Godspeed on your many roads ahead. Keep your IPS (Internal Positioning System) calibrated with love and learning. Trust, hope and obey the wisdom of those who have gone before, leaving us a legacy of  spirited determination.

Christmas 2005 with my signature Santa hat and sweater.

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