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Hardcore Leadership: 11 Master Lessons from My Airborne Ranger Uncle’s “Final Jump” ,chronicles the service of my late uncle, Harris L. Parker, a retired CSM, Vietnam Vet and former Chief Magistrate of Virginia’s 6th Judicial District, national president of the 555th Parachute Infantry Association (Triple Nickel), Chair of Sussex County Board of Supervisors and Ranger Hall of Fame inductee.



Tools to Cultivate the Promised Land: Working Wisdom From My Grandparent’s Garden

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“We as a people will get to the Promised Land.”  In this banner season of African American history, Deborah L. Parker takes remembrances from of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination and the dreams of a community and metaphorically connects them to recollections of her maternal grandparents’ garden.  Referring to these grandparents as ‘two of the wisest people she has ever known.’ while using their tool shed as a base, Deborah lays out the principles of sowing and harvesting for readers to cultivate their goals in various aspects of their lives. She also brings in cultural narratives meshed with Biblical references to the Promised Land as she shares the engineering of her personal Exodus to further bring readers in to the importance of recognizing the foundation of past lessons to future progress.



For People of Strength, Soul, and Spirit: Seven Guidelines for Life & Career Success

Part motivaitonal speech, part history lesson,  part workbook, this creative work captures the essence of the African American story to cement robust strategies for achieving your goals.  Using the word “know” this book inspires readers to excel in today’s hectic society and competitve job market from much of what was learned from the wisdom of the “old folks.”     Explore your skills and be coached forward!

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For People of Strength, Soul and Spirit: 7 Guidelines for Life & Career Success

This book appears as recommended reading to an article posted by the sought after speaker, coach and author Valorie Burton in the March edition of Ebony Magazine. Wow what a surprise and sho nuf blessing!  See the photo attached of the page of the article and suggested reading is at the end.



In eBook

Welcome to my eBook adventure. Life is a Review: Observations and Collections of My Passages Through the Times, is a compilation of essays, blogs, poems I’ve been writing for over 20 years around identity, career, family.

From the Introduction

Throughout our lives, someone is always observing, correcting or teaching us something.

     Everywhere! At home: “Did you look over your homework? This is how you flush the toilet. Make the bed this way.”

At school: “Your assignment is to review three chapters of your history book. Your grade is . . . This is how many errors I found.”

At work: “Look this over before you send it in. Let’s schedule an IPR (In Progress Review). I’ll inspect it when you’re done.”

From our first steps, a parent wants to see if we can maneuver the right way at the designated age range. Our education requires us to pass tests after studying the materials. Our abilities and how we follow the rules are observed and corrected. In our jobs and careers, opportunities for advancement only come after we’ve proven that we are up to the task.

Life demands reviews!

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Like many of us, I’ve passed some exams and flunked others; educationally as well as experientially, as I also wondered and wandered. Join me as I warp time through the gleanings from my life‘s major phases with an essay, blog, poem or speech. Then I look at the final review of my loved ones who passed in human finality and their enduring teachings for my life’s purpose.
Watch and listen to Deborah talk about one of the defining moments of her journey, that in retrospect gave her a powerful message to share with others.


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